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We collect, analyse and deliver unique data to companies within and across the air transport industry, through online apps, APIs and datasets. We give people the confidence to make business decisions from unfamiliar and often complicated information.

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Our APIs


Airport Charges API

Calculate airport charges on a route from A to B.


En-route Charges API

Calculate overflight charges for almost any ANSP in the world.


CO2 Emissions API

Calculate CO2 for any route, airline and aircraft combination.



Trusted by some of the world's finest aviation companies.

Airbus, Boeing, Universal Weather & Aviation, World Fuel Services, FL3XX, Leon, VallJet - the list goes on. All of them trust RDC APIs every day to deliver crucial data direct into their applications.

We surveyed the market to find the best source of airport charges data, and in truth there was nothing to compare RDC's solution against - RDC is THE source for airport data globally.

Stefan Oberender, Chief Operating Officer | FL3XX

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With RDC APIs, getting to comprehensive data is easier. With only a few basic inputs, you'll be tapping into our expert methodologies within milliseconds.

POST /emission/api/v1/co2

"originAirportCode": "LHR",
"destinationAirportCode": "CDG",
"carrierCode": "BA",
"equipmentCode": "321"